They arise where neighborhoods have been destroyed. People driven away, sometimes. Often buildings brought down, flaming, atop their inhabitants. Anywhere a conglomeration of people have lived out the hundred tiny dramas of daily life, and then that place has been extinguished.

The crucible of psychic energy must be strong enough to coalesce into a gestalt, of course. It must be particularly strong to give rise to any sort of intelligence. But whether it be a brutish creature of pure instinct or a being capable of speech and reason, the slum golem will build itself a body from the rubble of its dead city.

Stone or iron, adobe or wood, even ashes and earth–perhaps all intermingled. It will then set out, animated by what was lost, looking for purpose or perhaps simply a target for its rage. If they are strong of intellect and body, slum golems may seek to right the wrongs of their creation, or serve in a variety of noble purposes. If not, they will become wanton raiders, destroying what they cannot understand–vengeful howls made substance in the world.

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