“My cleric casts a spell,” said Dr. Robert B. Strasser. “On Angela.”

“Okay,” Myassa said. “But you can’t see her. You need to roll perception to see if you can.”

“I roll a nineteen.”

“You spot the fallen form of your rogue!” Myassa said. “What spell do you cast?”

“I cast Cause Moderate Wounds.”

“Wait, what?” Angela cried. “Dr. Strasser!”

“On your own rogue? Brutal!” Myassa rolled out the attack. “Thirteen hit points of damage! She’s almost dead.”

“The gibberlings are attracted by the smell of blood, no?” said Strasser.

“You’re right,” said Myassa. “They swarm toward her prostrate form!”


“And what of the traps?” said Strasser

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