Pleasantwater Universal Center
his mixed-use building was designed for free by local architect Eva Chando, who believed that it was the exact center of the universe and that its unique selenium frame would help attract positive energy to bring about a new golden age. So far, a local intramural volleyball league district championship is all the fruit her efforts have borne.

Low Point Coffee
Run by self-described herbalist and “java wizard” Cecil Barrington, Low Point is a favorite local watering hole for the bean beatnik and mud mafioso in all of us.

The Four Sneezins
The realization of a long-held dream of founder and longtime resident Ms. Potts, The Four Sneezins is a restaurant dedicated to the haute couture of that most humble of spices, pepper. Adventurous eaters come from out of town to sample the spicy wares and buy a souvenir hanky.

Gree’s E-Z Spoon
Founded by Cecil “Cee” Gree and run by his son Sergei “Ser” Gree, the E-Z Spoon offers local favorites at local favorite prices. Be sure to try their famous llama burgers, ethically sourced and ranched.

St. James Sanitorium
Named after the lesser-known St. James of Cuzco, this sanitarium continues his good work with the poor and the ill. It still holds to his motto “be soft as alpaca unto the unfortunate.”

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