In all the ages of mankind, there has been holiness and there has been wickedness. Holiness springs from the Great Name, and the Nev, the one miraculous work he sang. Wickedness springs from that which would reinterpret his song, that which would garble it, and that which would contravene it.

What would reinterpret must be silenced, for there is only one interpretation of the Nev. What would garble must be killed, for only accurate singing may be permitted. That which would contravene it must be destroyed.

Thus, in all the ages of mankind to follow, there is and can only be the Nev, passed down orally from singer to singer. All other texts must be destroyed, for they will either contradict the NeV, in which case they are evil, or they will agree with it, in which case they are superfluous.

No man should possess more knowledge than he can gain in a lifetime. Any attempt to do this must be put to the flame, for there can only be the Nev and its singers forevermore.

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