The Riddle Project believed that knowledge must be earned, but also believed that it must be preserved. The death of Sage Goris, the last being that knew the art of bibliomantica carceri, was their example. While the knowledge he possessed was priceless and was extinct upon his death, he has also used it selfishly and for ill ends.

Riddlemancers of the Riddle Project devoted themselves to preserving knowledge behind a series of riddles, puzzles, and other wards that would root out the unworthy. By the time someone had come to the wisdom needed to solve said conundrums, they would be worthy enough to wield it. Even allowing for dedicated students of evil, it was thought that theirs would at least be a subtle and long-gestating evil, the sort that builds empires, rather than the monomania that came so often with giving power to those with no experience of want.

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