Ora Nightstealer, also known as “the Puppetmistress” for her delight in manipulating people to do her bidding, is one of the more powerful night hags from the Grey Waste of Hades. She was a renowned wheeler and dealer in souls, amassing immense power by trading for favors with some of the most vile evil creatures on both sides of the Blood War. When she is not hard at this gruesome work, Ora is known to be a lover of illusions, often using particularly devilish ones as a form of gatekeeper – ensuring that only visitors she finds sufficiently interesting are allowed to meet her.

Legend has it, however, that she is also deeply unhappy.

The tale goes that, while pursuing her own goals on the prime material plane, Ora encountered a princeling from a noble house. Whether she was on that plane on a mission to steal souls or simply for her own amusement, the troubadours do not record. But as night hags can easily assume any shape they please, Ora appeared there as a comely maiden. And, for reasons that remain obscure, she fell in love with the princeling, and he loved her in return, so far as anyone could see.

And then, Oda chose to reveal herself to her lover in her true form as a night hag. Horrified, he turned her away. While most night hags would have strangled a mortal to death for such a transgression, by all accounts Oda left the princeling alive. But the experience broke her heart, and tens of thousands of mortals owe centuries of torment to her shattered feelings.

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