Dragons were driven underground long ago, secreting themselves in the furthest parts of the world once the mortal races, both the slow folk and the quick, had grown powerful enough to oppose them. They sought refuge at the roots of mountains, at the pressure points of fault lines, at the basements of great caverns that they collapsed behind them. One such powerful beast buried itself once, long ago, in a place that became rich with minerals due to its passage and its influence, as the mysterious process that draws precious things to the great wyrms worked its way over centuries.

The greatest city the current age knows was once a simple dwarven mining settlement, set up to mine these riches. So vast and rewarding were the canyons and fissures below that they soon grew in power and population, with the noble houses growing fat and indolent and enjoying the sway they held over the surface city and its quick folk. Dwarven nobles provide the Lord Regent of the city, the most powerful single king in the world by meany measures, and the wealth of the mines flows through him. The King Underground, the legendary first miner that claimed the lode as their own, will never return and their line is broken–so they say, anyhow.

When the miners awoke the slumbering beast, it slew them without a second thought. But then a curious predicament presented itself: how to subvert and destroy the city above, the vast cancer that had grown in the wyrm’s slumber, without bringing the full force of the mortal world down upon it? The dragon had ideas of reviving its race to primacy once more, after all. The solution it hit upon was as simple as it was brilliant.

Have the mortals kill one another. Act through agents to sow chaos, discord, and violence above. Then, as the city fell apart in open warfare and its nobles were preoccupied with slaughtering one another, the time to rise would come. Those few that survived would soon know the primacy of the wyrms that, once hunted, had faded into legend and myth.

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