As you know, the lead mines of House Galena are the worst place to be, and they go through miners recruited from Sunmont quite a bit. Recently, we’ve been getting reports of strange behavior among the miners, even stranger than the violent brawls that lead miners tend to get into. They’ve been uncharacteristically quiet, with little of the usual ruckus we associate with their quarter of the city, but bodies in miners’ clothing are turning up at an alarming rate. We sent an agent into the lead mines to investigate, but he hasn’t returned. We found his carrier pigeon on the rooftops a few days ago, dead, with a partial message in its cylinder:

The lead mine foreman is giving…

Your job will be to infiltrate the mines, either disguised as miners or with a writ from House Galena allowing you to do a mine inspection or even sneaking in. Then I want you to find my agent and recover what he knows. If you cause a ruckus, this will drastically undermine–no pun intended–our relationship with House Galena and make any future dealings with them considerably more hostile. If the agent is dead, you’re authorized to continue his investigation, but there will be a bonus for bringing him back alive. And, of course, if you are traced back to me I will have to disavow you, meaning we won’t be working together again for the foreseeable future.

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