Jayda Benning
Age: 16
Occupation: Student, gymnast, thief

The high school gymnastics team is one of the very best in the state, and Jayda Benning is its star. She’s probably not good enough for the Olympics, but might be able to nab a scholarship all the same, if the program survives. Which is in major doubt, as it has little funding, less equipment, and is constantly shortchanged in favor of the (losing) football team.

This has resulted in Jayda’s other life as a thief. She uses her gymnastics skills to lift valuable items from people who in her opinion, can afford to replace them. The items then get sold on eBay, with the proceeds donated to the gymnastics team and Jayda herself. Her part-time job at Clik-N-Ship, the local outlet for FedEx and UPS shipping, allows her to slip her illicit sales into the mail stream without too much notice.

Trivia: Despite being deeply insecure and wracked by imposter syndrome and body issues, Jayda nevertheless projects an air of utmost confidence. Fake it ‘till you make it! To the befuddled police in town, she is known as the MacBook Bandit after her favored item to steal.

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