Thomas McNabb
Age: 64
Occupation: Vice-principal

A long-term military man, McNabb rose to the rank of Major before being forced into retirement after age 55. The age was recently raised to 62, a fact that he is extremely bitter about. Forced to find another outlet for his desire to command troops, McNabb became a school administrator, and currently serves as vice-principal and head of Human Resources for the high school.

His insistence on being called ‘Major McNabb’ notwithstanding, he is extremely unpopular among students and teachers alike due to his imperious manner. Mistaking the school system for the Army and the teachers for troops, he is constantly issuing illegal orders that the school lawyer and superintendent have to walk back. He is only retained due to his efficiency, as the nominal principal, Ms. Vectore, is utterly incompetent.

Trivia: Major McNabb wants nothing more than to renter the military, but his late retirement means that he collects an extremely high level of benefits, most of which he contributes to political candidates. He also does not possess an education degree, having worked his way up from substitute gymnastics teacher to vice-principal in only two and a half years.

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