O traveler, I see you have questions about the strange, armored form that walks the halls of the Witch Queen. Know that Nevra has always kept the lives of her students as the utmost secrets, so all you will come to know is hearsay and rumor. Does this mean that there is no kernel of truth with falsehood wrapped, pearl-like about it? That is for you to decide.

As you may have guessed, all of Nevra’s pupils are given a new name but must earn for themselves an appellation. Lectra was therefore given her name by Nevra, meaning “promised one” as it does in the old, dead tongue of the fallen celestial gods. Lectra’s appellation ‘the Infector’ refers to her mastery of the subtler arts. While her armor may lead one to suspect her a warrioress, and she is indeed a deadly foe in combat, Lectra’s true skills reside in the arts of poison and of mind control. She infects with poison and contagion, and dominates those of lesser willpower to do her bidding. The envenomed blade slides home held in a familiar hand, the poisoned mushrooms served on trusted plates, the ague spread on sleeping lips by devoted servants.

True to the name the Witch Queen bestowed upon her, Lectra is herself a promise. A promise that death will come swiftly and on subtle wings.

As to the armor, none rightly know. It is silent despite its bulk, and encrusted with eldritch symbols that are meaningless to all who have attempted to read them, so many have guessed at Elvish origin. It is rumored that Lectra only began to wear the armor some years after her recruitment, and that before then she was known to be a beautiful being who enjoyed wandering the town. Encased in her armored husk as she now is, her speech held to terse and echoing monosyllables, there is no denying something has grievously afflicted her.

I will share with you my favorite story, in the full knowledge that any such story is likely a pleasing falsehood:

As a young woman, Lectra lost her family to a terrible accident, one related directly to the immense potential the Witch Queen saw in her. After she had been recruited and trained as a powerful sorceress, Lectra foolishly tried to part the veil and return her family to life through sorcery. The aftermath of this terrible incident was that her physical form was annihilated, and only through the greatest effort was the Witch Queen able to save her. Implicit in this rescue, though, was her further service to Nevra. For Lectra is said to be the oldest of the Witch Queen’s current students, and she may no longer be able to die.

Perhaps that is the real reason behind her subtlety. Brute force holds no interest for someone who has only immortal loneliness to look forward to, and who must long for death.

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