Elizabeth “Ruby” Kilgore
Age: 19
Occupation: Student, Barista

Smart enough to get into college, but not smart enough to get someone else to pay – that’s Ruby’s life in a nutshell. A bookworm with at least one inside contact at the public library—namely her younger brother—she works hard as a barista in the local franchise of Stubb’s Coffee to help cut down on the number of outstanding loans she has.

The combination of bookwormery and barista-hood means that Ruby is perhaps the most knowledgeable and well-connected person in town despite her tender age. She keeps a set of detailed notes on her life – the Rubymaximum Chronofile – in order to keep everything straight.

Trivia: What is Ruby majoring in? Based on her name, you’d think it was geology or perhaps gemcutting. Her nickname has nothing to do with her asipriations, but good luck getting her to tell you how she got it. She is notorious for failing to commit, having switched majors every semester since enrolling. Her current major is known only to herself and the registrar.

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