So you would abandon caution and ask of Nevra, the Witch Queen of our fair realm? I admire your boldness, traveler, even if it flirts with danger. The Witch Queen is powerful and her rule has brought us much prosperity, but she brooks no dissent and threats to the community are dealt with harshly.

The first thing most ask about is her immortality. It is no secret that Nevra, the Witch Queen, has not aged a day since she first came to power centuries ago. You’ve no doubt heard the rumblings and rumors on the streets: “Why should a human live such a long life? We are not elves or dwarves. Isn’t human life precious because it is fleeting?” In my opinion, these malcontents are missing the point, likely because they covet the Witch Queen’s position for themselves.

Her words on the matter are few but powerful. “I am working to tame death for the benefit of all, and in so doing I must be the one on whom these magicks are first used. I would ask such a burden of no one, and trust none but myself to carry them out.” You see then, there, that the Witch Queen’s thoughts are ever with her people. One day, when we are ready, she will perfect the secret of taming death and we will all benefit.

I for one feel that this is only right and just. Imagine the effect immortality could have on the common rabble! By taking the burden of taming death onto herself, the Witch Queen protects us all. This is why, even though she is now ageless, her birthday celebrations are the greatest festival in her realm. It is both a reminder, and a promise.

You may have heard some, primarily outsiders, refer to our Witch Queen as the Quitch. Do not, my friend, let her hear you utter this word, for she detests it. The last outsider to utter it in her presence was given, as a “gift,” a music box. It was a marvelous contraption of mahogany, brass, and bone, and the offender was enraptured by the gift until, some time later, they wound it for the first and only time. They live in an asylum now, and the blood on their hands means they will never see release.

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