Are YOU ready to survive a jump off the tallest cliff in the solar system? Has jumping off of Mt. Thor and the Olumpus Mons Freestyle LOST their thrill and appeal?

Verona Rupes on Uranus’ moon Miranda is OVER 20 klicks deep, over 10 TIMES as deep as the Grand Canyon on Earth! What’s more, since Miranda’s gravity is so LOW, your thrilling jump will last nearly 15 MINUTES and topping out at 200 KLICKS PER HOUR! Even better, unlike the Grand Canyon, your jump from Verona Rupes is SURVIVABLE thanks to our patented quick-deploy airbag braking system!

No one knows how such a GIANT cliff was created on such a tiny moon, with everything from a hyperimpact or tectonic fracturing a possibility. But we DO know how much of a thrill it will be to make that jump, land safely, and collect our EXCLUSIVE t-shirt and enamel pin?


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