As the last survivors of the doomed world fled in their magical Ark toward the New Worlds, the most powerful among them gathered to watch the death throes of their former star, undone by sorcery so vile that it could not be comprehended. Those who could not flee would perish in the final eruption, and the light of the mother-star would be no more.

The shockwave would give the Ark the tailwind it needed, in a matter of speaking, but all those on the aft decks would surely perish if not protected by the strongest enchantments. And yet a group of sages and scholars braved the danger, predicting–rightly–that the last light of the mother-star would hold tremendous power. Over three thousand attempted the feat, and when the mother star had faded after its final eruption, only seven remained alive. But each had captured that last light in a bauble or vessel, and each of these seven would have far-reaching consequences for the New Worlds…and beyond.

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