The Margrave, Malika Anax
Age: ??
Occupation: The Destroyer, The Eraser, The Scourge, The End

Across a multiplicity of timelines, there are whispers of the Margrave, mainly borne by those who have been able to escape her wholesale erasure. The truth is worse than any of them imagine, for the Margrave seeks to erase every version of the city of Deerton from existence. It takes some time, of course, to unravel the threads of fate and reality that bind each iteration of the town together. So the Margrave methodically works her way across the multiverse, taking up residence quietly in an outlying mansion or other abandoned abode and diligently working to disassemble the town one piece at a time. It is not so much destroyed as it is erased, never having existed at all.

Naturally, such work softens and loosens the bounds of reality, and some strange effects and warpings are possible as the threads are broken down. The Margrave is an expert at using these bits of strangeness as weapons and misdirection, though her preference is to work in secrecy. There are often people who become aware of the town’s looming destruction; the Margrave generally attempts to recruit those who demonstrate ability to her cause. Once every version of Deerton across the multiverse has been erased, it can be recreated, perfect and whole, in whatever state which is desired–or so she says. The lost souls that have joined her on her quest all want to see something they have lost or never had in the new and perfect Deerton.

But who is the Margrave, what secrets does her past hold, and who was Malika Anax before her version of Deerton became the very fist to be swept away into nothingness…?

Trivia: The Margrave is fond of speaking as if she is reading what is happening from a book, but this is just an amusing affectation, and she will drop it when she must. Normal, direct speech is usually a sign that she is in a dark mood, beware!

“The Margrave gently reminded the intruder that they have no idea of what they speak, and no power to back up their adorably ignorant threats.”

“If I must undo the last of this miserable town’s existence with my bare hands, than so be it.”

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