Name: Syd
Age: ??
Occupation: Spy

The Margrave’s agents are all people from alternate versions of Deerton that hope for a better, perfect, version of the town once all competing and imperfect Deertons have been erased from every dimension. That part’s easy enough, but what’s not quite so easy is what the being known as Syd wanted, or what they used to be. Whatever the answer to that, when Syd joined the Margrave, they left behind any concept of a fixed physical form, allowing them to appear as a being of virtually any shape or size (within reason, of course). This has made them an excellent spy and infiltrator for the Margrave, though Syd has an extremely hard time keeping their nature in check even when impersonating another being.

Syd is a great lover of practical jokes, chaos, and confusion, and is often unable to keep from partaking in them even when it doesn’t really fit their disguise. The Margrave doesn’t seem to be bothered by this, perhaps because the chaos her underling causes is all in the service of unraveling. Syd requires a visual representation of a being or object to take on its shape; they are not creative enough to come up with their own original designs. In addition to their physical form, Syd left behind all notions of gender as well; they are whatever they want or need to be in the given moment.

Trivia: If no visual reference is available, or if Syd is forced to abandon their current form, they may be forced to manifest as an amorphous blob or spots of pure energy. They find this extremely embarrassing, often fleeing despite themselves.

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