Sheriff Theodore “Teddy” Decker Jr.
Occupation: Businessman, law enforcement
Age: 70

Teddy Decker is the scion of the Decker clan, a family that has had an outsize presence in Deerton ever since Decker’s Drugs opened in 1938. He is the sole owner and proprietor of the only pharmacy, only grocery store, and two of the three gas stations in town, along with all three apartment complexes. His father, Teddy Sr., was a widely beloved figure who offset his business ruthlessness with canny PR. Teddy Jr. has never felt any need to do so, and his frequent appearances at city council and school board meetings to air his views coupled with his free-spending ways have guaranteed that he is well-known to the populace.

Two years ago, after making noises in that direction for many years, Teddy Decker ran for sheriff and ousted the incumbent on a platform of being tough on crime and cracking down on corruption. He has since proceeded to use his power to harass people he doesn’t like, line his pockets with city contracts, and generally act with impunity. The Deerton City Council, including the Mayor, have shown themselves to be unable or unwilling to do anything to interfere with Decker acting according to his whims of the moment. As a big fish in a small pond, he hasn’t yet attracted the attention of anyone who has both the will and the power to rein him in.

Trivia: Decker is a narcissist at heart, but he does genuinely believe that his family knows what’s best for Deerton and that his methods are the solution to arresting the town’s terminal decline. His one disappointment is in his only child, Theodora Decker, and his grandson Theodore Decker IV. He considers them both to be simpering weaklings, and other than allowing them money, he has nothing but contempt for them.

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