The Vanishers

The Book of Vanishings, also known as the Vanishomicon, is the holy book of this group. Short and widely available, it lays out 22 rules for living along with a 23rd rule that encompasses the Vanishers’ philosophy:

Those that follow these rules in this world and in their heart will vanish from it. Mankind is a plague upon this world, for they do not belong to each other. In vanishing, both are made whole in separate paradises.

Vanishers spontaneously arise from those reading the Book. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, the tend to disappear. The most famous instance is probably the settlement of Beloktown, a Vanisher settlement of 5000 souls that was found vacant and abandoned some time after its last contact with the rest of the Barrier. But smaller groups and individuals also vanish.

Skeptics claim that is a self-fulfilling prophecy, that the Vanishers wander off to die or are killed by people taking advantage of Rule 2, Total Nonviolence. But the persistent vanishings do lend some credence to the belief system, and the Book of Vanishings has never gone out of print.

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