“I apologize for my friend,” said Nuby. “Not the sharpest fellow, though he does like a good time.”

“Yeah, they aren’t very cleaver,” the woman said. “A bit on the dull side.”

“Yes, he’s best at polishing his own knife, using a dry rag and grease,” Nuby said.

“Hm,” said the woman. “Even the best, hardest knives lose their edge with misuse anyway.”

“Listen,” Nuby said. She leaned backwards onto the bar, elbows hooked onto it. “I think it’s pretty clear that this place is too little for what you and I can bring.”

“Oh?” said the woman. “It looks plenty big to me.”

“Think of the hell we could raise with a real night on the town,” said Nuby. “Sirens. Running from the cops. Graffiti. Glorious, glorious freedom, fueled by whatever poisons we want to put in the tank. I can tell you’re up for it.”

“Oh, I don’t know about all that,” said the woman with a faint, sarcastic smile. “In these heels, I don’t think I could beat the cops around here. They do squats, don’t skip leg day, and take a dim, dim view of the havoc you’re proposing.”

“Hmph,” Nuby said, cocking an eyebrow. “I know you’re yanking my tail, but trust me, I can get us out of any consequences we encounter.”

“No consequences?” The woman cocked both of her own brows. “For a rich man you sure clean up nice.”

“I have a wide buffet of magical powers,” said Nuby. “One kiss from me, and you can share in one of them for a day.”

“Hmm, powers you say? Like what? Perhaps a taste of real magical power will let me do what I have to do in order to get things done…unless you’re not talking out of that sculpted ass of yours.”

“I have a wide variety of magicks at my disposal, mortal,” purred Nuby. “Charm, detect thoughts, ethereal jaunt, suggestion, greater teleport, vampiric touch, dominate person, even summon a big nasty demon…all perfect ways to get out of trouble.”

“Dominate person, you say?” The woman looked up, locking eyes with Nuby. “Show me.”

“But of course.” Nuby leaned in, wrapped her arms around her quarry, and let loose with her most passionate soul kiss. The woman seemed to reciprocate, so rather than letting her otherwise lethal smooch take its course, Nuby let the magicks leave her and enter their new host.

“Wow,” the woman said. “You weren’t kidding.” She wiped her lip, licking a spot of blood left there.

“Let’s go cause some trouble,” Nuby replied, eagerly.

“No,” the woman said. “We’re not raising any hell.”

“N-no,” Nuby said, the words spilling out, compulsively, despite her best efforts to the contrary. “We’re not raising any hell.”

“You’re going over to the other end of the bar to leave me in peace.”

“I’m going over to the other end of the bar to leave you in peace.”

“Attagirl,” the woman said, mock-punching Nuby on the shoulder. “Now get lost.”

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