“Look at you two,” the woman said, her short dark hair bouncing about as she shook her head and clucked her tongue. “You call yourselves seducers, temptresses, paramours, sluts? Frankly, I’m embarrassed for you.”

Nuby looked up, her eyes a bit bleary from the half-shotgunned glass of ‘Ole Demogorgon’s Insanity Pepper Ale. “I most certainly am not imagining pulling out and roasting your meaty bits for this insult,” she said.

“Leave us alone,” said Randy, slouched next to Nuby in the corner booth. He was on his third stein of Gowron’s #178 Triple Fermented Bloodwine, 45020-vintage. “You’ve done enough terrible things to people who just wanted to paint the town bright, bright red. I think.”

The woman kicked a chair out from the table, spun it around, and sat on it wrong way round, resting her chin on the back. “Well, maybe next time you’ll read a girl’s body language and see that she just want to enjoy her drink in peace. Demon or not, that’s just common courtesy.”

“You knew?” said Nuby. “Just playing dumb? Oh, you sultry little minx!”

“You can call me Wynter,” the woman said, “and as the name suggests, I’m usually a cold customer. But I’ve seen enough demons in my time to know them for what they are, even when their wings aren’t showing.”

“So you just baited us for fun, then?” said Randy. “That’s almost admirable in a way. Almost. Until it harshed my good vibe.”

“Well, now I feel sorry for you, if that makes you feel any better,” said Wynter. “And I have a proposition for you.”

“I’m listening,” said Nuby, “albeit with very angry ears.”

“What say you we continue this little wager of yours upstairs?” Wynter held up a hand before either could speak. “Yes, I know all about that. Use your inside voices next time, kiddos. I Also know a little place at the inn up there where no one will bother us, and whichever of you is more…successful…we can declare the winner.”

“All right then!” said Randy, excited. “I’ll go first!”

“First?” said Wynter. “You misunderstand me, Mr. Incubus. This isn’t a tag team, it’s a race. And racers all run at the same time…on the same track.”

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