“Ughhh, my head,” moaned Randy. “What was in that stuff we were drinking? I feel like my eyes are swollen shut.”

“Mmmf,” groaned Nuby, jostling against Randy. “I don’t know what we did, or how many times we did it, but it looks like our wager is a tie. Now quit hogging the covers, I’m freezing.”

Randy stirred, feeling rough, cold objects give way and tumble beneath him. “I don’t think there are any covers,” he said. “I think we may have fallen asleep on a bed of coins.”

“If this is what you get up to all the time, I’ll stick to more evil and less chaos in the form of partying from now on. And there’s no way these are coins. They’d have warmed up by now.”

Randy finally managed to pry his bleary eyes open. He saw that he and Nuby were both submerged waist-deep in a large hot tub full of ice. Nuby, curled up opposite him with her wings drawn tight around her like a blanket, had an ugly scar sutured on her back. In a panic, Randy felt the same on himself.

He looked up at the rest of the expansive bathroom, which had a fine crystal mirror on one wall. On the mirror, written ether in lipstick blood, or some unholy combination of the two, was the following message:

“Foolish demons. Never trust an Erinyes, much less go to bed with one. Your kidneys will fetch a nice price in the markets of Baator. Don’t worry—they’ll grow back. Eventually. Hearts and stars, Wynter.”

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