The Drew
A mystery will present itself to anyone who wears these glasses. They will solve it, but the mysteries will keep coming, one after the other.

The Durant
Self-important frames for self-important wearers. You will draw attention to yourself, people will know you are doing it, and you will not care.

The Fortunato
These frames will make you the envy of all, perfectly matching your eyes, your smile, your manner. They will also make you a deadly and implacable enemy.

The Stockman
You see yourself as the star of a very long movie. These frames will make sure that you nail the close-up, though in the wide shots they will make it look as though you are a raccoon.

The Neville
Diplomacy without wisdom. Optimism without reward. Appeasement of the hungry wolves until their teeth sink deep into your flesh. That, and more, is what these frames speak.

The Carroll
Decades after your death, people will see you wearing these frames. In paintings, in photographs, all appearances will give off a strange sensation, as if you had a dark secret that never came to light. You cannot defend yourself.

The Carrey
Like the bright glow of stage lights, these frames illuminate you, a revelation, to others. You will delight and amuse as a mirror does, reflecting the light on everything but yourself.

The Howell
You will see hidden things with these frames. Hidden things that cannot be unseen. There will be wonder, chaos, and madness.

The Cooper
Relentlessly round yet obsessively brown, theses bottom-of-the-barrel frames insist on seriousness yet refuse to be taken seriously.

The Rogers
With these frames, you will see as clearly as you have ever seen. Peering not only through space, but through time, all will be laid open and bare. Some have cowered in despair at what they have seen, but others have risen to meet it head-on.

The Fagin
A steal at the price, theses frames are suspiciously familiar. Certainly you haven’t seen them being worn by someone else, someone you know, someone with coincidentally the same prescription…?

The Harding
Beloved at the moment, these will not age well. In years to come you will look back, shaking your head, and wondering what posesssed you to order these frames.

The Moran
Whilst wearing these frames, people will always suspect that you are up to mischief. It is up to you whether they are proved right.

The Harrison
No matter how you may tumble, these frames will not fall of, not shatter, not break until it is dramatically appropriate. Then, and only then, will they give way. If you live an undramatic life, they may be indestructible.

The Chase
Dark and foreboding, these frames draw some in while repulsing others. But through it all, you will feel that none can truly see you as you see them, and it will haunt your restless dreams.

The Dewey
You will fail when none thought you could, but in doing so you will attain immortality. These frames will make it so, if you have the strength to grasp them.

The Faulkner
He is out there, lurking. Formless, yet powerful. A hundred years he has sharpened his knife. These frames will allow you to see him coming, to escape. But to escape is to know, and many would rather die ignorant.

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