Legendary Dagger of Wounding
Damage: 2d10+2
To Hit: +2
Special: wounding.
A wounding weapon deals 1 point of bleed damage when it hits a creature. Multiple hits from a wounding weapon increase the bleed damage. Bleeding creatures take the bleed damage at the start of their turns. Bleeding can be stopped by a successful DC 15 Heal check or through the application of any spell that cures hit point damage. A critical hit does not multiply the bleed damage. Creatures immune to critical hits are immune to the bleed damage dealt by this weapon.
Special: +10 to cleanliness (the blade cannot be dirtied)
Special: loyal
A loyal weapon will never strike its owner, and any attempt to attack said owner is treated as a natural 1.

Randy the incubus keeps the blade of this +2 dagger of wounding buffed to a high mirror shine. He cherishes “her” like a daughter and has been known to make everyone around him very uncomfortable by polishing her every day in a variety of suggestive ways. Due to its enchantments the dagger has +10 to cleanliness; even when freshly drenched in a victim’s blood, it will appear clean and dry. Stabitha rewards relentless strikes against a single target; when attacking a creature that is still bleeding from a previous strike, the dagger deals an additional +1 point of damage against the target for each bleeding wound the creature possesses to a maximum of +10.

If Stabitha scores a critical hit, she will exclaim loudly as if in intense pleasure. Randy can then choose to deal 1d6 points of additional damage for each still-bleeding wound his target possesses to a maximum of +5d6 damage. This additional damage is not multiplied by the critical hit, but is in addition to the damage normally added for bleeding wounds.

Randy is willing to allow others to use Stabitha for a time, albeit always grudgingly and under protest. This is, at least in part, a ruse. He knows that the blade is enchanted so that it may never strike at him, and he has been deeply amused by the many times that someone has attempted this only to stab themselves to death.

Stabitha is believed to contain the soul of a departed, and spiteful, mortal. Rather than delivering the soul to sell or trade, as is common practice for incubi, Randy was apparently able to entrap it and so fuel his weapon’s unassuming deadliness. Though he claims that Stabitha is a classy lady who possesses a way with words, no one can hear her speak (if indeed she is speaking at all) unless she scores a critical hit. For all that, the weapon is clearly devoted to him and, if Stabitha has any awareness of her predicament, she does not care.

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