The 88th layer of the Abyss, the Brine Flats, are not devoid of civilization. Outside the winding and corrosive labyrinth of salt and rock that surrounds the citadel of Lord Demogorgon, many inhabited tidal islets can be found. One of the most “safe” for traveler’s is Demon’s Hole, a small settlement that has grown up around a bar frequented by the foul beings that ply the waterways.

Most demons and planeswalkers that wash up here are transplants transplants, drifting in because they are somewhat less likely to be killed. The drinks are strong, relatively safe rooms are available, and it is possible—though not at all easy—to open portals to Sigil or the Lower Planes therefrom.

The owner of the Demon’s Hole bar is a Type IV demon known as Sybil. Sybil allows no fights, serves strong drinks, and is generally willing to do business with travelers for the right price, which usually involves some sort of pain, torture, or devoured memory. Sybil keeps the best of these and distills the others into painwine, agony ale, and of course the legendary Styx Shooter.

It’s also the premier place to go to dig up scuttlebutt on another feature of Demon’s Hole, and the reason that it’s such a favorite of planar hobos: the Tanaaric Gate. This sentient portal will create a link to any plane, any dimension, as many times as you like–but only in exchange for something you hold dear.

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