“What do you think they meant,” Candice said. “About the glowing figures. Ghosts?”

“Judging from the open sores everyplace, I’d say the ghosts of crystal meth past,” replied Darius. “They were stripping the place for parts. See? Copper wire, electronics, and stuff I don’t even recognize.” He tapped a rather large cylinder in the center of the wheelbarrow, one that had been partially smashed open by the looters. “I don’t know what this is, but I bet it’s worth a hit.”

“Yeah,” said Luis. With the air of an old hand, he stuck his pistol back in his waistband. “Raving drug-addicted lunatics is not the kind of paranormal we came here to document. Darius, did you get any of that?”

“I got the whole thing,” said Darius, proudly. “Them wigging out, you pulling the gun, everything.”

“Good. Delete it all. We’re not getting a Netflix greenlight with that kind of footage.”

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