Engaging Readers Regardless of Age Level: A Foolproof and Scientifically Sound Method
Sorry, this session will be spent entirely wrangling with the computer and projector, which will refuse to speak to each other. The presentation is on the speaker’s MacBook, and the venue has NO WAY to connect it except via wireless, which doesn’t seem to be working. 50 of the 60 minutes in this session will be spent trying to fix the issue, while the last 10 will be spent in a desperate attempt to cram it all in once an alternate projector is wheeled in.

Time Management Issues in Information, Presentation, and Communication Venues
We have three speakers scheduled for this session, but you’re only going to get to hear two of them. First, the moderator is going to take 15 minutes to introduce them and lay down the ground rules for civilized discourse, and then the first speaker is going to drone on for double their allotted time, forcing the other two to scramble through a Cliff Notes version of their speil!

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