Maria spoke first.

“We all know why we’re here,” she said, wincing at the stale air of the tunnel. Five pairs of frightened eyes looked back at her, silently.

“The dreams.” The boy on the far side whispered–Maria might have seen him in school, but she couldn’t recall his face.

“Yeah,” Maria said. “Why don’t…why don’t you tell me what you’ve seen?”

Their initial terror seemingly overcome, the five began rapidly talking over each other.

“…there’s a glow…”

“…I’m falling…”

“…voice I can’t understand…”

“…big circle…”

“…glowing in the darkness…”

Maria held up her hands, and after a moment the others stopped talking. She’d been the first one to speak up, so they were looking to her for leadership, even though she felt small and weak and terrified. What was it Candi had said?

“Fake it until you make it,” Marie whispered. “They need somebody to keep their cool.”

“What?” said the faintly familiar boy.

“Nothing,” Marie said. “Sorry. Here’s what I think. It’s pretty clear that whatever we’re dreaming about is down here in these tunnels. And I think…I think it wants us to come to it.”

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