The memory came in flashes and fragments, causing Maria to gasp and lean against the mucky side of the tunnel as her legs buckled.

She saw an eerie glow looking over a dead city where people—bodies—remained where they had fallen.

A building, clean and modernism the memory but so ancient-looking and so alien to Maria herself that it was difficult to comprehend. People sat there, in chairs, laughing as strange symbols glowed and bizarre dials danced.

Light, blinding light, so intense that Maria’s eyes ached.

Waves of destruction moving out in every direction, shattering the very air.

Row after row of trees, bright red instead of deep green.

And then, last of all…a great movement. Bodies, things, even the earth itself, brought together.

Filling a great crater.

A circular hole, smoking and lambent with unearthly glow.

“Are you okay?” Shaurya said, coming up and laying a tentative hand on Maria’s shoulder.

“It’s trying to tell me something.”

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