Male, 40s

Gruff, laconic, but not without a sense of humor, Caleb is used to living off the land and using his wits. Many years of living with a changing and dwindling group of people after the collapse have made him aloof at times, and he is not always completely ready for the task of caring for the children. A crack shot and natural tinkerer, though his ability to work with electronics and programming is more one of trial and error. His torso and heart are enhanced, which gives him additional stamina and a bit more toughness.

Male, 12-13

Talks a lot, tends to babble. The closest to his “grandfather” in temperament. Feuds mightily with Sister. Has a mechanical arm, which he uses for climbing. Easily the most athletic and physically strongest of the children.

Transistor “Sister”
Female, 11-12

Intelligent and driven, but also argumentative and with something to prove. Tends to get into fights. She has a cybernetic leg with a springy “blade” similar to that used by amputee runners. She has an aptitude for mechanical items and is very interested in learning from Caleb.

Resistor “Tory”
Female, 10-11

Very close with Sister but easily led astray and with little regard for consequences. The most cybernetically enhanced of all the children, both arms and both legs are artificial.

Diode “Di”
Female, 8-9

The seamstress and stylist of the group, with a proclivity for making clothing and styling hair, often with disastrous results. One of her eyes and most of her left arm are artificial, which gives her an advantage in this area.

Male, 11-12

Very quiet and aloof. His eyes are both artificial lenses, giving him a great deal of visual acuity and insight, but he lacks confidence. Easily the best and deadliest shot.

Capacitor “Cap”
Female, 6-7

A natural programmer far in excess of her years, with a mechanical arm that vastly increases her typing speed and a mechanical leg that can serve as a data port.

Male, 6-7

Looks up to Trace and forms part of his “posse.” An excellent cook with a keen eye for food and a way with animals. Both of his hands are mechanical, and he has worked with the others to produce attachments useful in cooking and cleaning.

Female, 5-6

Breaker has two mechanical legs, which she routinely disconnects in order to get into tight spaces. Has an aptitude for vehicles, powered or unpowered, and is often seen in her wagon.

Male, 5-6

The other member of Trace’s “posse.” Fuse is very athletic and disdains reading or tinkering; possibly dyslexic. Fuse has a cybernetically enhanced neck, which performs his respiration and automatically filters out particulates. He speaks through a synthesizer, which warbles when overloaded. Thanks to his enhancement, he is capable of breathing water and can live without oxygen for a few minutes.

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