Sam ran the gum over the scanner. It beeped twice, and two transactions appeared on the screen:

-1 HPY DY GM – $

“Hm. $3 for Happy Day Gum? I guess they’re just having a sale.” He thumbed the scanner pad, approving the payment and agreeing to all terms and conditions without reading them, as per usual. The same old ‘overdrawn alert’ appeared, but that was to be expected–Sam was usually in the red until his paycheck arrived.

After he got off the train and up to his one-room apartment, though, he saw that there was a drone in Metromart paint waiting at his door. “Hello sir or madam!” it chirped. “Thank you for your purchase. Unfortunately, there were not sufficient funds to cover it. Metromart asks that you return its property.”

Sam popped a bubble with the gum and sucked it back in. “It’s not that much,” he said. “They’ve never sent a drone before.”

“Collections drones are used for amounts in excess of $1000 ND,” came the response. “Are you refusing to return the item?”

“I can’t. The item is damaged. It’s been opened and destroyed.”

“Metromart is sorry that you have refused to return the item.” The drone whirred and printed out a receipt. “We have remanded your case to a local collection agency for settlement. Have a nice day.”

Sam looked down at the receipt, which spelled out his purchase in slightly more detail than the POS screen had:

1 Happy Day Gum – $3,000,000.00 ND ($300,000,000.00 USD)

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