“You’ve led an interesting life, haven’t you Codswallop?” Rags said.

“Oh, I never much cared for prattling on about the past,” said Codswallop.

“Why’s that?”

The manservant cut through a fresh swathe of the torrid growth with a machete swing. “I’ve known men–good men–who did nothing but sit around looking back on what they’d already done. Their spyglasses were firmly fixed aft, to give an old expression from my navy days a bit of currency. I find that limiting prattle about one’s past keeps one looking forward.”

“But what if it comes in handy?” said Rags.

“Then, and only then, is a little prattle permitted myself, young sir,” Codswallop said. “But for the moment, I think we’d better concentrate on a few more essential things.”

“Like food?”

“We can go without food for some time, yet. But shelter and fresh water are essential.”

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