Is YOUR car was possessed? Are YOUR brakes screaming in ancient, dead tongues no sane being may utter? Has YOUR timing belt had been invaded by demonic forces? At Headley Automotive Exorcists, we know that demons inhabiting silver or lead are easy to disperse, but automotive-grade plastic is another thing entirely. These modern plastidemons are not biodegradable in the least; long-chain polymers make them strong and resilient to old-fashioned interventions. And don’t even get us started on tempered steel and automotive enamels as homes for the unholy!

That’s why we here at Headley Automotive Exorcists are ready to give you the FULL force of our 17 years’ exorcism experience and FULL authorization from the Pope in matters spiritual and automotive! Whether it’s a simple banishment or our full $1000 exorcism package with included engine fluid blessing, Headley Automotive Exorcists stands ready to serve YOU.

And while many of those “cut-rate” exorcists will allow the demons to escape to other areas of the car, leading to an evil tire blowout or worse, Headley includes a full cloistering of your car, and imprisonment of the demons in the pure salts of evaporated angels’ tears, with every purchase!

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