On the night of August 11, 2010, a cargo steamer was struck by lightning on the Nile river south of Memphis and sank with all hands. An area with a huge concentration of Nile crocodiles, it was assumed that everything was lost–including the steamer’s precious cargo of foam Crocs™ shoes destined for laborers in the Sudan.

However, what the authorities failed to predict was that the lightning strike would impart a charge to the many foam sandals bobbling aimlessly amid the river waves, drawing in and binding the mystical essence of the crocodiles as well as the ancient river civilizations. For just a few hours, the Nile south of Memphis was charged with an incredible and mystic power.

And it was during those few hours that Dr. Omar Ghanem, vice-head of antiquities at the Memphis Mueseum of Cultural History, happened to be kayaking along that same stretch when he was upset by a massive Nile crocodile known locally as Firawn. Omar survived, but emerged from the reeds with incredible powers: the strength and resiliency of the Nile waters themselves, the brute cunning and toughness of the Nile crocodile, and the imperviousness and lack of fashion of Crocs™ foam footwear.

Thus began both the legend and the crime-fighting career of THE CROCONILE, mild-mannered professor by day, and avenger of fashion and footwear related crime after nightfall!

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