Of the humans, what can one say about this youngest of all peoples? It is said that they arose spontaneously in the far-off land of Daqin, and their presence disturbed the great symphony that had up until that point dictated the harmony of peoples. Unlike their elders, it is said that the humans arose fully formed and set to organizing their society and empire immediately through war.

The account of Admiral Chao Ban, who spoke to the elves of Seres on behalf of the human empress Ying Gan, was for many years the only information on this people, in their own words, available to the elder cousins.

“Filled with sentiments of awe and thanksgiving, at the welcome I have enjoyed in this, the land of Seres, I wish to speak of my home, the land of Daqin, home of the humans. Firstly, I must speak of my liege, the Empress Ying Gan. Unlike you elves of Seres, whose kings elect from among their number a High King, our Empress is selected by the heavens themselves to rule over all men. Thus she resides in the great city of Eo Oc, my home, where all my kinsfolk pay her homage. Of course, should the heavens wish to withdraw their permission, they may do so–at which point our Empress may find herself replaced.”

Upon being asked about towns and population, Admiral Ban replied:

“Our towns are larger than yours, with strong walls to guard them against attack. This was especially crucial during the years–now thankfully ended–when an Emperor of the North and an Emperor of the South fought for primacy. I understand that two worthy elvish claimants fought over the title of High King but a generation ago, so this may be another place where we are in common. But our cities are large, walled, and teeming; not nearly so pleasant as yours, but with magnificent cuisine and artisans to make up for it.”

Pointedly asked who would win a war between the humans and the elves, Admiral Ban was diplomatic:

“I think that it would be a hard-fought battle. For while we do not want for troops under arms, our numbers mean we must fight in large groups–vulnerable groups. Your jaegers could defeat any but our most skilled, and were the battle in a wooded area, surely you could prevail. But upon an open plain, my countrymen would surely triumph. Let us hope that it never comes to thus.”

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