Ellis was eventually caught, of course–even the scion of a rich clan cannot forever kidnap horses from the stables of fellow Social Register families. What was less clear was what he had done with the animals, thoroughbreds all, which could not be found in either the Grissom family stables or anywhere on the black market.

Eventually, the police found a false wall in Ellis Grissom’s private stables, and behind it a hidden room with all the makings of a tannery, with the equipment to skin, tan, and condition leather. In one corner was Ellis’s old wooden rocking horse, his most prized childhood toy and, it was later found, the subject of nearly all of Ellis’s 13,000 journal entries.

The rocking horse was nearly completely covered by leather made from the tanned hides of thoroughbred racers, with only a small patch near the muzzle incomplete.

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