After murdering the abusive, drunken fiancee that had been forced upon her, Cera refused to acquiesce to either the burgermeister or the bishop that offered her protection in exchange for her hand. Instead, she was last seen entering the mires with all her worldly possessions.

They spoke in whispers of how Cera had chosen to forsake her beauty and all of her suitors to enter into the swamp and to live in sorcery therein as the legendary swamp witch. For surely, they thought, no woman of sane mind would flee into such dreadful environs, and only black magic could explain the powerful hold she’d seemed to wield over local men with her intense beauty.

Naturally, in those stories–as is often the case–Cera the swamp witch had to trade her beauty for power, for none can be suffered to have both. They say that her hair grew thick with moss, that mushrooms and other fungi erupted from her fair skin, and that none could see her if she failed to move in her new and native home, so complete was the disguise.

Folks for miles around claimed to have seen her riding at night, seen her lights dancing over the swamps and bogs, and seen a dark and twisted shape casting spells in their dreams. Cera is cited as both a cautionary tale to young brides who would go astray, and as a sign of the strength that a woman can grasp if she has but the hands to hold it.

Cera herself, long dead and mummified in the peat bog where she had lay since the day she had sunk into the muck whilst making her escape, would have been proud of such a legacy.

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