When they pass, each sage becomes part of a final ritual in which their combined knowledge is crystallized at the moment of their death. These crystals, explosive and extraordinarily unstable, are then cast into the Well of Knowledge in the canter of the deepest inner sanctum of the Sages’ Atelier.

There, the collected information gathered by the most learned sages lies as a concentrated and lambent fluid. It is well-known that the sages do this, and the Well of Knowledge has a potent, almost mystical, reputation. Indeed, those sages who have passed are often simply said to have “gone to the Well.” Requests to draw upon this knowledge have always been denied in living memory, with the reasoning that each age needs its own knowledge and solutions rather than drawing needlessly on the past.

But there is a darker secret, one known only to a select few of the most senior living sages and the caretakers who assist them. No one knows how to extract or access the knowledge contained in the Well.

At the time of its construction, millennia ago, the sages perfected the ritual for crystallizing knowledge and casting it into the Well. But in all the years hence, they have been unable to make use of it. The feeling at the time was that the knowledge would keep until it was accessible, and that certainly seems to be the case; random whispers issue forth from it at times, and those that fall into the Well scream in a cacophony of voices not their own until their hearts give out.

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