But this didn’t make any difference. As the amps exploded around him and sparks rained down, Phargo kept right on shredding with his guitar. The electrical shorts and crackling discharge arcs caused by the sabotage and the lightning strike only seemed to empower him, and he didn’t seem to notice the massive amount of voltage coursing through is body and his axe.

Due to some kind of feedback loop, the last note held on for an unnaturally long time as the guitar’s whammy bar melted and the lights died. Eventually, the roadies were able to get the fires under control and the backup generators working. But when they went onstage to tend to Phargo, all they found was ash. His last performance had literally reduced him to cinders.

There wasn’t a bit of plastic or metal in Phargo’s earthly remains, though. No one ever found Atma, his legendary axe.

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