The interview tape continued:

“You ask why I am for Unity then? Hmph. Let me tell you a little illustrative story, then. In my hometown, there was once a very rich family that had just one son. He died in a car accident after driving drunk, spoilt little shit that he was, and his parents were as bereaved as the parents of spoilt little shits are wont to be. Fair enough. What did they do with their bereavement? They started their own charitable foundation to combat drunk driving.”

On the tape, the interviewer shifted in their chair. “Sounds admirable.”

“It’s foolish. Ludicrous. There are a dozen foundations and charities devoted to stopping drunk driving, all of them needing and deserving the support of those very rich people. Unity would dictate that they combine their efforts. But no. We are all individuals here, doing our own thing, even if it means diluting our efforts to the point where nothing is done. Even if it means people will die. Because we’d rather do it alone.”

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