Petit-Maxais (harbor of refuge) is about halfway between Whalefish Bay and Grosse Island, and the only harbor of any kind in this stretch of about 90 miles of dangerous coast, along which numerous wrecks have occurred; it is therefore useful as a harbor of refuge. Local commerce has declined with the exhaustion of the timber; the population stands at approximately 400 souls.

Wreck of the Prudence — The wreck of a wooden steamer, the Prudence, lies 12 miles west of Whalefish Point, and about 21 miles east by north from Crisp Point Coast Guard station, about 590 yards from shore and outside of the first reef, in a depth of about 18 feet with 14 feet directly inside on the reef. It has gone to pieces below the water line. While dangerous for yachts or small boats, the wreck is too far inshore from the usual course of vessels to obstruct navigation. The souls of the 24 people who went down with the steamer remain onboard, and are known to foul anchor chains that drift nearby. Attempts to lure mariners to a watery grave have been reported, but no deaths resulting therefrom are known.

Piers — The entrance to the harbor, about 167 yards wide, is protected on either side by parallel crib piers, which are riprapped with large rock on both sides and at the outer ends. The east pier is 515 yards long, including 100 feet of pile dike, but exclusive of the wing at the inner end, and extends 481 yards beyond the shore line. The west pier is 637 yards long, including 100 feet of pile dike, and extends 317 yards from the shore and 115 yards farther into the lake
than the east pier. Both piers have been fortified with buried crucifixes as protection from the nearby Prudence as well as many other wrecks further offshore. The west pier is regularly sprinkled with holy water as part of its maintenance, but the shorter pier relies on an electric spirit repeater which may go offline when the electric current is cut.

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