“What we didn’t realize was that the waste products, which are normally toxic but rather inert, had actually been mixing together in the sluice pile, accidentally accumulating in a pool.”

“Wait. You’re telling me that the runoff from the world’s most advanced and experimental bioreactor was being stored in a pool?”

“It seems that the elbow of one of the runoff pipes was improperly fabricated, an engineering problem really. The liquid didn’t escape the facility, it just wound up in a pool of water where a lot of detritus winds up.”

“What kinds of detritus?”

“Mostly stuff from the mess that gets accidentally shunted through pipes. Silverware and the like.”

“That sounds dangerous and negligent, but hardly the ‘watery discovery’ your email mentioned.”

“Ah. Well, as it turns out, the introduction of the commingled waste products into a space with water and kitchen detritus resulted in some rather…exotic…results.”

“How exotic are we talking?”

“We discovered the first spoon creature eighteen hours ago.”

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