And then, O then, the great Selene did mourn for her lost love. She set his soul free from his broken body, did the moon goddess of old, and placed it in the body of a humble moth, there to forever be with her in the night sky and ever-seeking her light. When the moth did die of old age, Selene would gently place her love’s soul into another newborn night-flitterer.

However, and you must be wary of this, O my children, there is an important lesson and catch. For among the infinite and uncountable moths of our world, there is one that is a very important bug. For it contains the soul of great Selene’s great love. Woe betide any mortal, any being that might know better, that casually smashes that most important of bugs, for they will find themselves at the mercy of a vengeful moon.

The night sky will brighten, the tides will have a moment of madness, and then all will be still, save for a rush of air. And another body, O children do not look upon it, will be left on the flank of great Selene, desiccated and aloft forever as a punishment for its great crime.

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