“That’s my boss!” hissed Charlotte. “That’s my boss over there! What if she sees me? She’ll know I skipped out on work!”

“Ignore her and play it cool,” said Mimi. “Who comes to a conference near a freakin’ Mediterranean beach and doesn’t take some time off?”

“No, no, no, no, no!” said Charlotte. “I need you to make me a boss decoy, a diversion, so I can slip away before she notices.”

“Absolutely not,” Mimi said. “Forget it.”

“Drinks are on me tonight if you do.”

Mimi stood up straight and saluted. “Aye-aye, sir. One boss decoy coming right up!”

Charlotte stayed on her beach chair, trying to hide behind her magazine, as Mimi scampered off. A few minutes later, she looked up and was shocked to see that the beach was now covered by a Greek shepherd’s flock. Mimi had knocked down a fence and flooded the resort with ruminants; their shepherd and his dog had followed. The flock had taken to their new environment almost instantly, quickly becoming ornery beach sheep and refusing to be moved while they rifled through peoples’ snacks or cooled their hooves in the ocean. With a grateful smile, Charlotte slipped away in the confusion.

Across the beach, her boss looked up from a magazine. “Finally, she’s gone. I hope she didn’t see me skipping the conference out here.”

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