“We’re a bit…worried…that your research funding may have been spent on some frivolous developments,” said Flodden.

“What is frivolous, really?” Dr. Imanishi said. “Research is research. Knowledge is knowledge.”

“Well, there is this substance here that your research notes ‘causes fur to regrow on bald patches if splashed but only if splashed.’”

“We need to run more tests on shaved rhesus monkeys,” Dr. Imanishi said. “It could prove to be a revolutionary new baldness cure.”

“But your grant was to study amino acids in luminescent bacteria,” Flodden said.

“Wait until phase two of those trials when the monkeys grow glowing fur.”

“I’m sorry, Dr. Imanishi, but all I’m seeing here is frivolity,” Flodden replied.

Imanishi gasped audibly, and a moment later the gasp was echoed by the baby dinosaur under a bedsheet in the laboratory corner. “You wound me with your accusations!”

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