The experiment had been a success.

By careful distillation and even more careful dehydration, Hudson had been able to reduce most common domestic animals into a simple emulsion for easy transport and storage. There had been some early problems with bovines becoming too diluted into a thin and useless ‘aqua moo,’ and even more problems with thermal expansion–an ‘aqua moo bulge’–but Hudson had finally worked everything out.

The contract had already been signed: a test batch of 100 cats in a single beaker to help eradicate a rodent problem on a distant island where transportation costs were a major factor. Everything was read to go…

…until Hudson elbowed over the very beaker he was about to ship, spilling the concentrated cat-emulsion into a bucket of water. With the one hundred cats suddenly reconstituted–and diluted–it was safe to say that the cats became very abundant indeed, and Hudson’s priorities very quickly shifted from profit to survival.

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