“What lands with a satisfying crash?”

Marcus looked up from his screenplay. “I need a thing to crash in a satisfying way for this scene. What should it be?”

Adrienne looked up. “How about a drone?” she said. “A Predator or something.”

“They don’t exactly have Predators in junkyards, do they?” Marcus replied. “And I’m not sure it works for an urban setting. I think it’s illegal to operate them over the US.”

“Well, since you mentioned junkyards, how about a car?” Adrienne said. “Plenty of those that you can crash for real.”

“I said a satisfying crash.” Marcs twiddled his fingers on the keyboard, miming the act of typing. “Even if we throw in some gasoline bottles for extra kaboom, people are sick of car crashes.”

“A bus?”

“Maybe, but busses are harder to get and I might be accused of ripping off Speed by people who’ve never seen it.”

Adrienne shrugged. “I don’t know what you want from me if you’re just going to shoot down every idea I have.”

“Shoot down, huh?” Marcus slapped the table. “Great idea! A plane, maybe a jet fighter.”

“A Predator drone is too much, but a jet fighter is just right?” Adrienne said.

“It’s a jet fighter,” Marcus said firmly. “Thanks for the idea.”

“Okay then,” sighed Adrienne. She turned back toward the burning bridge and the onrushing thong of armed mooks for her nemesis. “You’re sure a satisfying crash will take all the bad guys out?”

Above her, looking down, Marcus shrugged. “Let’s find out. I can always revise it if you die, right?”

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