The rope jerked back and forth over the pit for a moment, and the splattering of blood landed on all angles after a moment. Allin chortled, laughing so hard his knees wobbled and he could barely keep his gun trained on Nav.

“Weeeee!” Allin cried, laughing. “It really ate him, didn’t it! Tunnel worm is real, folks, and he is performing LIVE for my amusement!”

“You son of a bitch,” Nav choked. She had hated Enac, they all had, but nobody deserved a death like that–dangled like a worm on a line for a creature of the Dark.

“You’re next,” Allin cried, waving his gun at Nav. “Let’s see if it’s hungry for seconds.”

“No,” said Nav. “I’d rather be shot.”

“Ah, of course.” Allin smiled, and peeled off two shots–one into Nav’s thigh, and another into her shoulder. She collapsed, moaning, and he trotted over. “How’s that?”

In doing so, Allin had moved between Nav and the tunnel worm pit–his very last mistake.

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