Stretching into the foothills of the great mountains that mark the border of Zalissia to the north, Velin is a nigh-impregnable fortress that is nevertheless damp, drafty, and unpleasant, with only a few hardy trappers and the like braving the cold to live there. It doesn’t help that the ruler, Lady Eleury, is paranoid about her personal safety and in fact manipulated her way into rulership of Velin strictly because of its remoteness and safety.

The key feature of Serkua is The Barren, an area in which nothing will grow. At its center, it is as brown and dead and a desert, with life and the verdant forest returning slowly at greater distances. Serkua’s ruler is actually a nobleman from the Imperial College, Lord Balton, who purchased the fief with the express purpose of researching The Barren. As yet, he has not reached any conclusions, and his obsession with the feature has led to a lackadaisical attitude toward the rest of the land, which is virtually lawless.

Ysoait is the largest, most remote, and most sparsely populated of the Seitselin fiefs, and represents the furthest frontier of the Empire and the furthest reach of Zalissia that has been reached by settlers. Hunters, trappers, and traders do venture further east, of course, but they do so at great risk. As befits the youngest and largest fortress, Ysoait is mostly composed of wood walls around a small settlement, principally notable as a trading post and the last terminus of the road from Neljan. Its leader, Lord Giarc, is an ambitious man who hopes to develop the fief’s vast wilderness but is chronically short of troops and money.

Rajaka is the heartland of what was once a great confederation of elven settlements, and occupies the site of an old elven village. It has been more successful than other fiefs in attracting farmers as well, though they are often subject to attacks from wildlife and bandits. Persistent rumors abound that the leader of Rajaka, Lady Termina, is descended from the long-vanished, extinct elves. Termina is more concerned with her farmers’ crops and the depredations of bandits, though anyone mentioning her supposed elven blood in her presence will be clapped in the stocks.

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