A selection of words and terms from Passerine, the language of sparrows.

strider – A human being, so named for their curious gait. “Strider” is used rather than the Passerine word, llewe, to reduce confusion.

llew – A predator, which takes and eats sparrows. Can be more generally applied to any creature that sparrows find frightening, including striders

ysgly – Prey, that which is preyed upon by llew. Can include sparrows, but more often refers to other creatures.

faethwr – Birds of prey, eagles and hawks. While they can be–and are–called llew, their ability to fly makes them more dangerous.

amh – Birds that are often indifferent to sparrows. Typically applied to crows, gulls, and the like, which rarely harm sparrows so long as the sparrows are not foolish.

riau – A king or leader. Can be used in a metaphorical or honorary sense, often for a particularly old or respected sparrow.

esgyn – Good places in trees. They can be fine perches, or highly suitable nesting material, but most often refer to excellent sources of food like wild berries.

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